Hargan Psychology

Work in a rewarding role where you are a valued and respected team member!

We adopt the adage ‘It takes a village to raise a child’, however we know this is important beyond childhood. We provide support to clients to ensure their growth and fulfilment, and are always looking for team members who share our perspective.

Our practice has an outstanding reputation for providing the highest level of client care and you will be working alongside a team that is dedicated to excellence and has the highest levels of professionalism.

We are a flexible workplace and can cater to people returning from parental leave, part time, or full time requirements. We pride ourselves on promoting a healthy work-life balance and ensuring our team members take care of their own-wellbeing first and foremost.

If you are interested in applying for a full-time or part-time role with us, please get in contact. We encourage applications from psychologists seeking a flexible role; working from one to five days a week, working after hours (morning and evening), fly-in-fly-out for psychologists currently working in remote communities, Saturdays, assessments only, counselling only, group therapy programs, etc.

Benefits working at Hargan Psychology

Hargan Psychology is a private practice that engages with a variety of client presentations and draws upon the fundamentals from several psychological schools of thought, providing our psychologists with the opportunity to develop their skill set by interacting with a diverse range of clients. We provide services for forensic bodies, disability services, individuals, children/teenagers, adults, group therapy programs, assessments (cognitive, achievement, forensic, psychological, court). We provide on-going supervision for our psychologists when they encounter an area they may not be experienced in, supporting them to be the best psychologist they can be.

Flexible working hours

Part-time or full-time hours to suit external commitments (hours/days can be tailored depending on family, work, school, regional, exposure to additional client groups).

Employment Model

While our team are currently all salaried employees, we are happy to consider a contractor model. Connect with us so we can discuss!

Career Progression

We offer Professional Development opportunities. Both paid external and weekly individual and group supervision (Christine is a Psych Board approved supervisor available for on-going supervision).

Homely Practice

We provide a homely, family practice, without the clinical feel. We don’t want our clients, families or team to feel like they are going to the dentist!

Live Well

Our tagline/policy is ‘We support our clients to live their BEST Life’ according to them. This is also the acronym for our group programs – B.E.S.T. ™ = Building Essential Skills Together. The same is true for our team.

Our Moto

Our team adopts a ‘Happy Team at Hawthorn’ approach (a play on the AFL Hawthorn theme song) which sums up the happy team that we maintain.