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The family is an ecosystem, thriving when there is balance, communication, support, nurturance, and respect. However, the family system can suffer due to a range of issues that can impact any family; disagreements between parents and children, hormonal changes, academic difficulties, miscommunication, over reliance on technology, distance due to work commitments, behaviours of concern, substance abuse, and more. 

Families can engage with therapy when the ecosystem is breaking down and the family dynamic is suffering as a result. Here at Hargan Psychology, we will assess what has broken down within the family dynamic and assist each family member with their contribution in repairing the relationships with each family member to reconnect and restore a sense of love and respect.

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B.E.S.T Parents
(For Parent of Kids & Teens)

We understand working with children can be both rewarding and test your patience.

Parents are not given a book when they leave the hospital with a solution to every problem. Society expects parents to be patient, caring , loving and nurturing, which is perhaps possible in a world where parents don’t have anything else to worry about in their busy lives.

Our BEST Parents program aims to provide parents with tools to add to their ever growing parenting ‘toolbox’  to assist when faced with challenging situations or behaviours parents may face with their young people.

Single Parenting

Becoming a single parent, either by circumstance or by choice, can be one of the most stressful life events.

No matter what your story, it is important to remember that all parents need support at some point on their journey, regardless of their circumstances or relationship status. Getting help is a sign of strength, not weakness, and it gives you the best chance of being the parent you want to be. By helping yourself you also help your children.

If you are needing help to get back on track, reduce overwhelming feelings, feel more connected to your family, or even if you just need a place to vent about all things single parent, therapy can be a great resource. Having a warm, friendly and safe place to chat about your concerns from a solution focused perspective can be one the most empowering things you can do to propel yourself and your family forward. It allows you to process, learn, heal and grow so that happiness can be yours for the taking!

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Family Report

Following separation or divorce, many families seek assistance of the Courts in settling child access and custody issues. You may have been directed by the Court (Federal Circuit Court) to attend psychological services for an assessment, or may have been advised by your legal counsel to obtain a Family Court Report.

Our role is to conduct an assessment and provide a written report to the Courts about your family, advise the Courts about recommendations for access and or custody, and to provide the Court with information about the services provided to families by government, community and other agencies.