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Couples Therapy

We provide non-judgmental couples therapy in a safe and nurturing space where you will both be heard.

Why do couples choose therapy?

Most couples will experience challenges in their relationship and times when professional support can help to get things back on track. There are different and very personal reasons why couples come to us for support and we always take an individualised approach.
They may be looking for help with any of the following challenges.

  • You feel like your partner is not listening to you.
  • You spend more time fighting than talking.
  • You are not “on the same page”.
  • You can’t agree on the best way to parent your children.
  • You frequently argue and don’t reach a resolution.
  • One or both of you is feeling stressed and you take it out on each other.
couples therapy problems

How can therapy help?

The right approach can help you and your partner to:

  • Communicate more effectively
  • Remember why you fell in love
  • Reconnect and regain intimacy
  • Focus on the future not the past
  • Move forward together
  • Understand each other better
  • Feel appreciated and valued

Our approach

Future Focused: Rather than dwelling on the past, our focus is toward the future and what it is you and your partner want to create together.

Individualised: Therapy is tailored to meet the unique needs of you, your partner, and your family situation.

Strengths-based: Topics we may explore include reflecting on what attracted you to be together in the first place and how to disagree in a constructive strengths-based way.

Communication: Opening up communication is a priority within session to ensure both partners are heard and have a voice. You may be encourged to create an agenda together as to what you both want to discuss in therapy sessions.

Connectedness: Sessions aim to reconnect you and your partner and to increase awareness of the things in life that disconnect us from being present and intimately connected in our relationships.

Intimacy: With increased connectedness, our aim is to support you and your partner to feel closer, regaining any lost sexual and emotional intimacy. Referrals for sex therapists are available if more specialised support is required.

Happier families: Our aim is to support couples to become better aligned and assist them to find constructive ways to work together to create a happier, healthier, and more harmonious family unit.

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Meet David

David Wu is our provisional psychologist with experience in supporting Mandarin and Cantonese speaking couples and takes a culturally sensitive approach. David has worked with clients experiencing difficulties ranging from depression, anxiety, family and relationship difficulties, schizophrenia, substance use and addiction, as well as clients with legal issues. 

To book an appointment with David, please get in touch today!