Hargan Psychology

At Hargan Psychology, we use a person-centred, strength-based approach to support our clients to live their BEST life according to THEM!

What is a person-centred approach?

A person-centred approach involves a focus on each individual person, placing them at the centre of service and involving them in decisions about their life. The person-centred approach places emphasis on each individual life experience, age, gender, culture, ethnicity, and belief system, and how this shapes who a person may be.

What is a strengths-based approach?

A strength-based approach is focused on an individual’s strengths, their resources, and their reslieience. The individual is seen as the agent of their own change, and encouraged to find their own path that draws upon the positive qualites they possess that make them who they are.

Who are we?

At Hargan, we are a supportive team consisting of psychologists who are qualified, experienced, approachable, and genuine. We provide a range of support services which include counselling for individuals, couples, families, and group therapy programs. We also provide a range of assessments to help better understand a person’s strengths, weaknesses potential problems, and to help make tailored reccomendations for treatment.

We welcome continued feedback on the quality of psychological sessions so that our psychologists can continue to develop and improve their services.